Vending? Taking part matters! Fieramilanocity, 4th to 7th May 2016


Those who gained a certain expertise in the Vending sector know how critical is taking advantage of affordable tools to manage the work-flow. Exhibitions are opportunities to be informed of the innovative solutions available world-wide for the Vending supply-chain and its satellite activities. This turns a fair into a meeting point where to develop or improve our own know, leading to great business opportunities.

Internationally know as one of the most innovative producers of coins treatment machines, PROMEL will expose at VENDITALIA 2016, the world-wide Vending Exhibition, held at FieraMilanoCity on 4th-7th May.

All Conta Dividi coins counting and sorting machines are provided of an intuitive keyboard, renewed bright and clear display graphics for a fast and easy control. A communication USB port and the embedded printer are provided on all Conta Dividi machines as default. Many Vending operators already consider la laContaDividi as a perfectly tailored essential, meeting their needs and fulfilling their expectations.

PROMEL is an innovatory reality which covers several sectors. Other than its Products for money treatment, PROMEL produces Industrial Fire Fighting Systems, and provides industrial control units and mechanical manufacturings. Our Company also designs and develops mechanical, electronic and industrial prototypes and projects.
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